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“First impressions were excellent – Caroline was very knowledgeable, professional and passionate. For the first time I felt like someone was on my wavelength!”

Bespoke design

Design at Poplar is a creative process undertaken by our professionals to deliver a symbiotic space for our clients. Core to the project is taking into consideration texture, colour and balance and fusing these with function and purpose to create a custom living space where your your kitchen becomes the heartbeat of your home.

Caroline’s 4C™


The beginning of the journey: 
The briefing stage is a vital step in our 4C™ process. We meet the client and talk about a vision for their dream kitchen. We spend time, building a rapport with our clients and try to understand and get to know them, we work out what they like and how they plan to use the space


The creative phase: Having met and understood the customer, our professional designers work on some initial concepts for review, constantly refining until they feel it fits the expectations of the customer. We then meet again with client and present our ideas, colour palettes and materials.


Final approval: Getting confirmation from the client is of huge importance. It is essential that the client understands the intricate features of the design before anything can go into production.


Bringing design to life: After the design concept has been agreed by the client, our manufacturing and installation process begins. Our manufacturing partners, carefully chosen for their craftsmanship, make the bespoke furniture and once ready our experienced carpenters install the furniture completing the process with a full handover and signoff.

Craftsmanship & final details

The difference in all great design work is the detail; the detail in the design needs to match the detail in the furniture and the installation. Every aspect needs to be considered carefully.

All our concepts are custom and our manufacturing teams build to our specific requirements with ‘best in class’ precision and craftmanship. We are meticulous about the detail and only use highly skilled carpenters and cabinet makers in our build and installation processes.